Father Lawrence Herzog: Pastor, Algebra
Certification: Elementary Education (K-8th); Math (7th-9th)
Teaching Experience: Little Flower School (10 years); Bishop DuBourg High School (19 years); Kennedy High School (6 years); St. Martin of Tours School (3 years)
My goal as an educator is to bring a presence of Jesus Christ into the learning experience. I became a teacher to imitate Jesus, the best teacher. My interests outside of teaching are music, swimming, and passenger rail roads.
Mr. Andrew Long: Principal
Certification: Social Sciences (5-9); Archdiocesan Religion Certification (K-8); Master of Arts in Educational Leadership, University of Notre Dame
Teaching Experience: Dolores Mission School (4 years); De La Salle Middle School (8 years); Barat Academy High School (1 year)
A Catholic school is a positive, loving, Christ-centered environment which challenges students spiritually and academically. My experience in Catholic education and Catholic school communities has been diverse, from working at a suburban high school in Chesterfield to the urban, at-risk populations in Los Angeles and St. Louis, to my personal Catholic educational experience from kindergarten through high school, college, and post-graduate studies. Through these experiences, I have come to believe that being an educator in the Catholic school system is embracing a calling to be there for the whole student and allowing a two-way street of information, ideas, and resources to flow in and out of the classroom and school building. Whether the student is in PreK or a senior in high school, living in suburbia or the inner city, every student deserves the opportunity a Catholic school can provide.
Sister Cynthia Kozicki: Faith Formation
Certification: Elementary (K-8th)
Teaching Experience: 43 years in schools across the US (and Thailand!)
My goal as an educator is to provide an atmosphere of joy and happiness in which students can experience peace and love during their school hours. The subject that I most enjoy teaching is religion, because I enjoy watching children grow, especially in their faith. My hope is that what they learn about their faith in school will be carried over into adulthood. Outside of school I enjoy spending time with Ginger (my pastor’s dog) and Sandy (my sister’s dog), listening to good music, and listening to baseball (especially the Cardinals).
Mrs. Lindsay Moehle: Kindergarten
Certification: Elementary Education (K-6), Early Childhood (Birth-K), Special Education (K-12)
Teaching Experience: Little Guppy Early Childhood Center (1 year), Special School District (4 years), Giant Steps of St. Louis (4 years)
Being able to teach children is one of the greatest gifts I have received from God. I feel very blessed to be doing something I don’t even consider a job. The children often teach me. They teach me to love unconditionally, they teach me patience, and they teach me to learn and grow with them. I enjoy “thinking outside of the box,”finding fun and creative ways to engage children in learning. I also enjoy going on adventures around STL with my family, having BBQs, crafting, and painting.
Mrs. Sue Renz: 1st Grade
Certification: Elementary Education (K-8th); Special Education; Learning Disabled; Archdiocesan Religion Certification (K-8th)
Teaching Experience: Little Flower School (26 years); Northwest R-1 School District (11 years)
God gave us all special gifts and talents. All of us are unique, no one learns the same way or at the same pace. As an educator I want to be able to assist every student in using their gifts and talents to be and do their personal best. I love teaching reading to first graders because the growth that the children make, especially in the first grade, is amazing. They blossom so much and become excited about the stories and information that they are able to read and learn. Outside of school I love to read, sew, and have family dinners.
Mrs. Bea Pollard: 2nd Grade
Certification: Elementary Education (K-8th); Archdiocesan Religion Certification (K-8th); Archdiocesan CRE/DRE Certification
Teaching Experience: Little Flower School (1 year); St. Angela Merici School (1 year); St. Luke the Evangelist School (CRE, 3 years); St. Martin de Porres School (4 years); PSR at various parishes (8 years)
As an educator, I hope to help each child do their personal best to allow God’s gifts to shine. Every student has abilities and talents different from the next. With the caring guidance of parents and teachers, these children can share their unique gifts to bring forth God’s kingdom. I have always loved teaching 2nd grade, especially because of the sacramental preparation. When not in my classroom, I enjoy cooking, scrapbook-ing, singing, music, and fun times with family and friends.
Ms. Marcy Meyer: 3rd Grade
Certification: Elementary Education (1st – 6th)
Teaching Experience: At Little Flower School since 2015;  Previously assisted with the Little Flower Aftercare program before joining as a Teacher
My goal for students in third grade is to become confident, curious, and faith-filled students.  Students in third grade will realize how important the Saints are to our Catholic faith and how we too can become a saint. Out of all the subjects I teach, my favorite is to teach math because math is challenging and math is always around us!
Mrs. Julie Saeger: 4th Grade
Certification: Elementary Education (1st – 6th)
Teaching Experience: Little Flower School (12 years)
My goal as an educator is to get students excited about learning and to be a positive role model in the lives of my students.  Before my permanent teaching position, I was a substitute teacher.  I did a long term substitute position for the former 4th grade teacher at Little Flower, which ultimately brought me here!  Outside of teaching, I love traveling with my family, reading, cooking, and taking lots of   pictures!
stamper Mrs. Elena Stamper: STEM Coordinator, 8th-grade homeroom, Pre-Algebra, Honors Algebra I
Certification: Mathematics (5-12)
Teaching Experience: Little Flower School; De La Salle Middle School (1 year); Washingtonville High School, NY (1 year)
My goal as an educator is to create an inviting classroom environment in which students actively participate in achieving their greatest potential.  Outside of teaching, I enjoy reading, origami, doing Sudoku puzzles, and spending time with family.
Mrs. Rose Duncan: 7th Grade Homeroom, 7th Math, 7th-8th Science
Certification: Elementary Education (K-8th); Archdiocesan Religion Certification (K-8th)
Teaching Experience: Little Flower School (31 years); Our Lady of Pillar School (4 years)
My goal as an educator is to challenge each and every student to find their unique, God-given gift or talent and to develop it to the best of their ability. I get excited when I see our students eager to come to school and walking in every morning with smiles on their faces! The subject I most enjoy teaching is math. Math is a part of our life all day long whether it is sports, cooking, business, etc.! My goal is for students not to fear or dislike math, but rather gain self-confidence in their skills. Outside of school, I love gardening, composting, and “farming”. In my side yard, I have several 18 feet by 6 feet raised beds for my farming. With the help of my goddaughter, we grow tomatoes, peppers, zucchini (her favorite), asparagus, cucumbers, squash, and many different herbs.
Mrs. Elaine Kientzle: 8th grade homeroom, 7th-8th grades Religion and Confirmation, 6th-8th grades English and Vocabulary, 8th grade American History, 7th grade World Geography
Certification: State of Missouri Elementary Education, Grades 1-8, Career CPC; State of Missouri Social Studies, Grades 4-8, Career CPC; Archdiocese of Saint Louis Elementary Religion Teacher Certification
Teaching Experience: Little Flower, 2016 – Present; St. Clare of Assisi School, 2010 – 2016; St. Michael the Archangel School, 2008 – 2010; Little Flower School, 2000 – 2008
As a catholic teacher, my role is to expand the range of learning through whole class, individual, and small group instruction; and cooperative education.   Differentiated instruction is implemented to accommodate students with varying learning styles and abilities.  All the while, a safe and faith-filled environment is provided and maintained in the classroom so the students develop into successful learners.
Mrs. Pam Bates: Music and PE
Certification: Music (K-12th)
Teaching Experience: Little Flower School (8 years); Imagine Academy of Careers (1 year); Oakville Middle School (1 year)
My goal as an educator is to teach the student’s in a multitude of ways about music, to enhance their knowledge every year, and build on what was taught the year before. I also hope to help students gain confidence in performing and speaking in public, and most importantly, to teach about “Singing with Joy to God” (Psalm 81). There are many reasons why I became a teacher. One is that I had a great example, my mother, who was a teacher. I loved helping her get her classroom together! I also had some amazing teachers growing up who inspired me to follow my dreams. I have known since I was little that God gave me the gift of music, and have felt the calling to spread my love of music since then. My interests outside of teaching are singing, musicals, dancing, and gardening.