School Calendar

February 2019

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  • High School Acceptance Letters
  • Play Clothes
  • Catholic Schools Week - We Love Our Students!
  • Talent Show
  • Dismissal
  • deadline: Feb lunch orders
  • Speech Meets
  • Duffy's Dine Out: 20% to Little Flower
  • Catholic Schools Week - We Love Our Families!
  • Perpetual Help Devotions
  • Duffy's Dine Out: 20% to Little Flower
  • field trip: 6th: Focus 11 Retreat
  • First Communion Meeting
  • All-School Mass: 2nd Gr.
  • field trip: 1st & 2nd: History Museum
  • Sketching
  • CANCEL: field trip: 5th-8th: ice skating
  • bricks4kidz
  • 7th gr parent mtg: Tina Murphy
  • Duffy's Dine Out: 20% to Little Flower
  • Progressive Dinner: Appetizers/Cocktails
  • Progressive Dinner: Dinner
  • Progressive Dinner: Dessert
  • 8th Gr Confirmation Candidate/Sponsor Blessing
  • Perpetual Help Devotions
  • Duffy's Dine Out: 20% to Little Flower
  • All-School Mass: 7th Gr.
  • Sketching
  • Ladies Club
  • Valentine Day
  • Red or Pink Play Clothes
  • cancelled: bricks4kidz
  • deadline: baseball/softball registration
  • deadline: Read To Succeed
  • Coffee with the Principal
  • Duffy's Dine Out: 20% to Little Flower
  • fundraiser: Spaghetti dinner: 7th gr
  • Duffy's Dine Out: 20% to Little Flower
  • Chick-fil-A
  • All-School Mass: 1st Gr.
  • DEADLINE: Girls on the Run registration
  • Go Read Right Run meeting
  • bricks4kidz
  • Duffy's Dine Out: 20% to Little Flower
  • Ladies' Club: DoNuts
  • Children's Liturgy: 6th Gr.
  • Art Show
  • Perpetual Help Devotions
  • Duffy's Dine Out: 20% to Little Flower
  • Girls on the Run
  • All-School Mass: 4th Gr.
  • Musical: 5th-8th
  • Sketching
  • Musical: 5th-8th
  • DEADLINE: scholarships close
  • field trip: K: Science Center
  • Girls on the Run
  • rescheduled: bricks4kidz
  • Ladies Club Board

Truly Catholic

The specific purpose of a Catholic education is the formation of our students to be good citizens of this world, loving God & neighbour, and enriching our society. Student-led masses provide just one of many opportunities for spiritual leadership during the school day. Religious rites of passage are truly a reason to celebrate at Little Flower Catholic School.

  • The 2016 2nd grade class was blessed to have His Eminence, Timothy Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop of New York in attendance.
  • David & Ashley Eckstein entertained and informed fifth - seventh-graders with a message about being persistent in following their dreams, placing
  • Every year the seventh grade class preserves a Little Flower tradition by leading the Living Stations of the Cross.

Truly Innovative

Through our innovative educational approach, Little Flower Catholic School has developed a strong reputation for a truly challenging curriculum that places an emphasis on individualized instruction. Each student’s strengths are challenged and talents are nurtured . . . Little Flower is THE place where students learn nothing is impossible!

  • Little Flower offers students the opportunity to participate in an eight week summer math program called, “Math Mondays”, which reinforces
  • Literature Circles are book clubs open for students in grades 3-5. Each week the circle, or group of students, reads
  • At Little Flower math is taught at the same time across all grades. Doing this allows our students to participate

Truly Different

What is found at Little Flower is hard to put into mere words – the character of our students. Polite, considerate, helpful, and respectful are just a few of the expressions heard within the community to describe our students. On any given day, an 8th grader can be seen helping a 1st grader in the cafeteria; or a 6th grader will be reading to a Kindergartner in the library. Our community thread has been in place since 1926 and continues today by involving our students, parents, teachers, alumni, seniors, and parishioners. Our students are nurtured to be truly different through making an impact in our community and beyond.