The Administration and Finance Commission oversees the Stewardship Program of the Parish, develops and monitors the annual operating and capital expense budgets, and provides for the maintenance of the parish plant and grounds. The Commission meets the second Tuesday of the month at 7:15 PM in the Rectory.

Budget Committee (21)

This Committee develops the budget process and puts together the annual fiscal year budget. The committee monitors the income and expenses on a monthly basis.

Buildings and Grounds Committee (22)

The Committee monitors the maintenance of the parish buildings and grounds. It develops an annual repair schedule for the school building.

Stewardship Committee (23)

This Committee is responsible for the annual renewal of our Stewardship program – both the stewardship of Treasure and the stewardship of Time and Talent. The Committee is also responsible for the Stewardship portion of the Welcoming process for new parishioners.

Fund-Raising (24)

This Committee is responsible for major fund-raising activities, designed to generate revenues to be applied to school and parish operating expenses. Annual events have included the Run/Walk and Raffle.

Annual Catholic Appeal (25)

The Committee is responsible for the annual appeal program. It includes the Advanced Gift Program as well as the regular appeal.